Lost Identity and the New Covenant

What is the new covenant and who is it with? If you are a Christian or were raised attending Sunday school, you have likely heard of the new covenant. Many times, terms are mentioned that were taught about years ago, and now, it is just assumed everyone knows what they mean, when in fact, manyContinue reading “Lost Identity and the New Covenant”

Thief in the night? Sacrifice or obedience?

We have always been told in evangelical churches to be ready because Jesus will come like a thief in the night, and no one knows the day or hour. So how does one stay ready? If a person is ready then does the thief in the night analogy even apply? Are we talking about aContinue reading “Thief in the night? Sacrifice or obedience?”

What’s in a name?

It is interesting unraveling some of the linguistic situations that present themselves in modern translations of the Bible. In the Christian Bible there is the Old Testament, which was originally written in Hebrew, and the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek; or was it? Then there is the Septuagint, which seventy Hebrew translatorsContinue reading “What’s in a name?”

Lost in Translation; What’s a Hem?

Did you ever wonder what was special about the hem of Jesus’ garment? What would the hem actually be referring to? A common definition of hem is, “a border of a cloth article doubled back and stitched down” Was it the “hem” that the woman who was healed touched, as Jesus walked by? Maybe lookingContinue reading “Lost in Translation; What’s a Hem?”