What are the Feasts of the LORD, יהוה?

After doing a study on the Biblical feast days with my church small group some time ago, I was surprised to learn the significance of the feast days, and the prophetic implications of them. Why had I never learned any of this before? I had read about them, but obviously while wearing blinders. Unfortunately, churchContinue reading “What are the Feasts of the LORD, יהוה?”

The Church and Israel, the Church or Israel, or Both? Faith Works.

When did the church begin? What is the church anyway? Who or what is Israel? Replacement theology; Dispensational theology; Covenant theology; Commonwealth theology; does anyone even know what theology system their brand of Christianity is? Does anyone care? What are the core beliefs of your doctrine, and where did they come from? The purpose ofContinue reading “The Church and Israel, the Church or Israel, or Both? Faith Works.”

Immortal Soul or Resurrected Body?

Do we have immortal souls, and do we go to heaven or hell immediately at death? It has been so engrained in our culture that we all possess an immortal soul, that we, in the Christian church, seldom question it, or are even willing to entertain the idea we may not have immortal souls. WhatContinue reading “Immortal Soul or Resurrected Body?”