The Lord’s Day

And he said to them, “The Sabbath was established for people, and not people for the Sabbath. So then, the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.”

Mark 2:27–28 (LEB)

The Sabbath was made for man, and Jesus said he was the lord of the Sabbath. Was Jesus anticipating the day he considered himself “lord of” to be changed to a different day that is called “the Lord’s day”? Yeshua was the name of the person called “Jesus” today. Is the “Lord’s day” talking about a different “Lord”, or was Yeshua confused when he said he was the lord of the Sabbath? Are we the ones confused because the Sabbath day was changed by man from the seventh day of the week to the first day of the week sometime in the last two thousand years?

Luke 4:16 (LEB): 16 And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and according to his custom he entered into the synagogue on the day of the Sabbath and stood up to read.

Yeshua’s custom was to go to the synagogue on the Sabbath. The Sabbath never became unimportant if we look closely at the New Testament. Where did the idea that the special day of the Creator, the Sabbath, was set aside and a new day was introduced? God does not do anything unless it comes through the mouths of the prophets. Where is the prophesy that states the Sabbath would be removed or changed to a different day?

Amos 3:7 (LEB): Surely my Lord does not do anything unless he has revealed his secret to his servants the prophets.

It is taught that Sunday became the “Lord’s day” because Yeshua supposedly rose on a Sunday, and the Holy Spirit was sent to the apostles on a Sunday at Pentecost. Yet it is arguable that Yeshua did not raise on ” Sun Day”, and that this fits better into the mythology of the resurrecting sun god. Yeshua, being put in the tomb on the evening of the feast of Unleavened Bread, likely rose three days and three nights later at the end of the Sabbath. This also ties in nicely with his claim of being the lord of the Sabbath.

Luke 24:1–3 (LEB): 24 Now on the first day of the week, at very early dawn, they came back to the tomb bringing the fragrant spices which they had prepared. And they found the stone had been rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in, they did not find the body.

Even if Yeshua did raise from the dead on a Sunday, there is nothing to tell us that we are to change the Sabbath to Sunday. If he rose from the dead on Sunday, it is more in line with the First Fruits celebration after the week of Unleavened Bread. This is already a special day. The day of Pentecost, when the Spirit came upon those in the upper room, was the end of the counting of the weeks for Shavuot. These are prophetic days, unlike Sunday. The day of Pentecost, meaning the counting of fifty days, was already important before the Spirit was given. Giving the Spirit on this day shows the importance of Shavuot. This is also considered the time that the ten commandments were given at Mount Horeb. It makes sense that Yeshua would send the Spirit to help us keep his commandments on the same day the commandments were given at Horeb.

Acts 2:1–4 (LEB): 2 And when the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in the same place. And suddenly a sound like a violent rushing wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. And divided tongues like fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them ability to speak out.

It is not a good thing that men made the Sabbath unimportant in Christianity and exalted another day with absolutely no scriptural authority to do so. The Sabbath is a command by God established at creation. Not only is the Sabbath made irrelevant by Christians, but another day is made an important day to supposedly honor “the Lord”. We have some very good examples of these sorts of corruptions recorded in scripture. Jeroboam made a new special day to put in place of the commanded days from God.

1 Kings 12:31–32 (LEB): 31 Then he built the houses on the high places, and he appointed priests from all walks of life who were not from the sons of Levi. 32 Jeroboam also inaugurated a religious feast in the eighth month on the fifteenth day of the month, like the religious feast which was in Judah, and he offered sacrifices on the altar. Thus he did in Bethel, by sacrificing to the calves that he had made; and he placed in Bethel the priests of the high places which he had made.

Adding to the word of God and going after false gods did not end well for Jeroboam.

1 Kings 13:1–3 (LEB): 13 Suddenly a man of God from Judah came to Bethel, by the word of Yahweh, while Jeroboam was standing at the altar to offer incense. Then he proclaimed against the altar by the word of Yahweh and said, “O altar, altar, thus says Yahweh: ‘Look, a son will be born to the house of David, Josiah by name, and he shall sacrifice on you the priests of the high places who burn incense on you, and human bones shall burn on you.’ ” He gave a sign on that day, saying, “This is the sign that Yahweh has predetermined: Look, this altar will be torn apart, and the ashes that are on it will be poured out.”

Yeshua also told us not to make a commandment of God void with traditions of men. This is exactly what has happened with the tradition of Sunday keeping and the forbidding of Sabbath keeping in Christianity.

Mark 7:8–9 (LEB): Abandoning the commandment of God, you hold fast to the tradition of men.” And he said to them, “You splendidly ignore the commandment of God so that you can keep your tradition.

We see the mention of people keeping false sabbaths in the Septuagint version of the Bible. This predates the Masoretic text of the Old Testament that we have today. The false sabbaths and the excelling in musical instruments seems to be a prophecy that applies today. We can make this connection easily if we realize the house of Israel was scattered among the nations and is separate from the house of Judah. It appears that the Sunday “false sabbath” is mentioned by the prophets after all.

Amos 6:3 (LXX): 2 O house of Israel, pass by all , and see; and pass by thence to Ematrabba; and thence descend to Geth of the Philistines, the chief of all these kingdoms, if their coasts are greater than your coasts. 3 Ye who are approaching the evil day, who are drawing near and adopting false sabbaths; 4 who sleep upon beds of ivory, and live delicately on their couches, and eat kids out of the flocks, and sucking calves out of the midst of the stalls; 5 who excel in the sound of musical instruments; they have regarded them as abiding, not as fleeting ; 6 who drink strained wine, and anoint themselves with the best ointment; and have suffered nothing on occasion of the calamity of Joseph.

Unfortunately, Sunday is also a very important day in ancient sun god worship. Would Yeshua want us to move one of God’s most special days, the Sabbath, and share and meld it with the most special day of the sun god? I highly doubt this and would argue that the lord of “the Lord’s day” is the sun god, unbeknown to most Christians.

The following is taken from:

Though Sol Invictus (meaning ‘The unconquered Sun’) was indeed a pagan Roman God, and had been featured on Roman coins, Constantine coopted this pagan heritage along with the Judeo-Christian following of the 10 Commandments by granting a day to honor God and rest for man.  As the Roman Empire gradually converted to Christianity, Sunday became the natural day for the Sabbath and rest since Romans were already accustomed to Sunday as their day off.

This makes me wonder if the Lord’s day is not simply speaking about the sun god? If it is not ordained by the Creator God then it cannot be viewed as legitimate, especially if it is melded with the day of a false deity. It is really not that hard to see. The above picture is not from a pagan temple in ancient Babylon. It is from a Christian church.

The following is from:

During the later periods of Roman history, sun worship gained in importance and ultimately led to what has been called a “solar monotheism.” Nearly all the gods of the period were possessed of solar qualities, and both Christ and Mithra acquired the traits of solar deities. The feast of Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun) on December 25 was celebrated with great joy, and eventually this date was taken over by the Christians as Christmas, the birthday of Christ.

The secular world knows that Christianity adopted “the Lord’s day” and other sun god type holidays such as Christmas. Why do Christians not know or care about these sorts of things and continue to accept the mythologies blended with the one true God of Israel?

John 12:48–50 (LEB): 48 The one who rejects me and does not accept my words has one who judges him; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day. 49 For I have not spoken from myself, but the Father himself who sent me has commanded me what I should say and what I should speak. 50 And I know that his commandment is eternal life. So the things that I say, just as the Father said to me, thus I say.”

Would the Father who said “remember the Sabbath” condone forgetting the Sabbath and moving it to the day of the sun god? I doubt it so much that I am making the effort of telling the whole world by means of this blog site and my actions. The Sabbath is the most broken commandment, and easiest to justify breaking, because of all of the attacks against it by the “Church” over history. It is an instruction of God that brings peace, rest and blessing that the enemy does not want anyone to take part in and get the benefits thereof honoring the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Deuteronomy 12:29–32 (LEB): 29 “When Yahweh your God has cut off the nations whom you are about to go to, to dispossess them before you, and you have dispossessed them, and you live in their land, 30 take care so that you are not ensnared into imitating them after their being destroyed from before you, and so that you not enquire concerning their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods, and thus I myself want to do also.’ 31 You must not do so toward Yahweh your God, because of every detestable thing they have done for their gods Yahweh hates, for even their sons and their daughters they would burn in the fire to their gods. 32 All of the things that I am commanding you, you must diligently observe; you shall not add to it, and you shall not take away from it.”

The only words that I have which are trustworthy, handed down to us through the Jews from God, are what we have written in scripture. We are told what days are special and what we are to do on them. An example of this is resting on the Sabbath. We are also told people will rise up and tell us not to do the instructions given to us by God and that it is God using them to test us to see if we care enough about what He said to do. They will tell us the instructions of God are evil instead of good. The New Testament writers echoed this by telling us wolves would rise up and devour the flock.

Acts 20:29–31 (LEB): 29 I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 30 And from among you yourselves men will arise, speaking perversions of the truth in order to draw away the disciples after them. 31 Therefore be on the alert, remembering that night and day for three years I did not stop warning each one of you with tears.

Those who say Sunday was regarded early in Christianity, before Constantine, should pay attention to Paul, who said men would rise from the groups of people he was addressing in person, and pervert the truth. The perversions of the truth started in the first century, and only became worse as the Greeks and Romans took the reins of the church and blended all of their philosophy and mythology through new doctrines and traditions.

Matthew 4:2–4 (LEB): and after he had fasted forty days and forty nights, then he was hungry. And the tempter approached and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, order that these stones become bread.” But he answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man will not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes out of the mouth of God.’ ”

There are people who claim we are not to follow scripture alone and must adhere to traditions passed down by men through oral tradition. These are traditions of the church, or in Judaism, such things as the Talmuds. The problem is that even if there are good traditions, it has all been corrupted. To whom does one listen? Men try to control people though religion and made up traditions.

Luke 11:46 (LEB): 46 So he said, “Woe to you also, legal experts, because you load people with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers!

Therefore, I choose to listen to Yeshua who, quoting Deuteronomy when tempted, said to live by every word that comes from the mouth of God. No such instruction as the “Lord’s day”, being the first of the week, was ever given anywhere in scripture. It is purely a tradition that ultimately comes from sun god worship, even if those promoting it have the best of intentions.

Featured photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash

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